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High Water Pressure Problems in Eastvale, Ca

Every City tends to have a unique set of plumbing related issues. In Eastvale, the number #1 service request we receive is plumbing issues related to excessive water pressure. Its a new City, a new home - why do we see so many plumbers driving around? Excessive water pressure. We have gauged the water pressure coming from the street side to be in excess of 140 psi (that is almost triple the recommended 50 psi setting).


Water Heater Leaks in Eastvale, Ca

Water Heaters have began to leak in the City of Eastvale. As some of the homes begin to cross the 10 year mark, we are seeing a spike in leaky water heaters. Many of times the leaks are actually due to high water pressure. Other times, they are just simply going out. The majority of the water heaters in Eastvale are either Bradford White or Rheem in make with models varying in sizes 30 gallons, 40 gallons, 50 gallons, and 75 gallon units. Some areas of Eastvale even have the Rheem power Vent Models that are showing signs of failure as well.


Water Heater Repair in Eastvale, Ca

We have encountered quite a few water heaters that weren't staying lit. The issue tends to be with the faulty Honeywell gas control valve that was temporarily utilized by Bradford White Water Heaters. These gas valves are still under warranty in most cases (the part replacement) and its a fairly simple swap to get the new valves in.


We have also seen quite a few issues with the Rheem Power Vent Models installed in the Serafina Community. The issues tend to be related to faulty pressure switches and the actual control board, or blower motor.


Water Plumbing Leaks in Eastvale, Ca

The majority of water leaks found in Eastvale California homes tend to be directly related to high water pressure and/or thermal expansion. We have seen water pressure readings in excess of 150psi (Uniform Plumbing Code 608.2 manadates that water pressure shall never exceed 80psi).


Many of the water systems in Eastvale come equipped with two water pressure regulators. One for the interior water system and one for the sprinkler system. It is highly recommended that you test the pressure at both at least once a year. It is better to be proactive then reactive to a major leak or worse - a complete flood of your home. Unfortunately, we have seen this far too may times in Eastvale, California.


Drain and Sewer Clogs in Eastvale, Ca

The majority of drain stoppages in Eastvale California then to be of the common variety. Too much grease build up in the kitchen drain lines, or, too much hair build up in the tub/shower drains. These can be easily cleared up to achieve free flowing drains.


Sewer lines in Eastvale tend to back up due to restricted backwater valves. Many homes in Eastvale California were equipped with a backwater valve to protect the home against the cities sewer system from backing up into unsuspecting homes.


Basically, a backwater valve has a swinging flap door that allows your waste system to drain into the cities sewer system but, prevents the cities sewer system from flowing back into your homes waste system.


The problem is that these backwater valves require some maintenance and rarely do homeowners actually perform the maintenance. Mainly because they have never heard of the backwater valves or even know they exist. We highly recommend you schedule a free home plumbing inspection whereas, we can walk you through your particular plumbing and drain system.



These are some of the most common plumbing issues Eastvale residents deal with. We can help as we have the know how and experience in dealing with these issues and more!!!

What is the most common plumbing problem in Eastvale? HIGH WATER PRESSURE!!!

Eastvale Plumber  - Water Pressure Regulator - AAP All American Plumbing Water Pressure Regulator

The Delta shower valve that has made plenty of Eastvale "DIY's Do it Yourself" SQUIRM....

AAP All American Plumbing - has performed over 400 service calls within Eastvale in the last couple of years. I've analyzed the invoices and came up with the following.

1. Eastvale has extremely high water pressure. The pressure rises towards the south side of the city; with the area around Chandler St. being the highest. We have seen the pressure in that area reach 150psi. We recommend you have your water pressure checked every 6 months to ensure the pressure is at, or below 75 psi.
Water pressure above 80 psi is deemed a building code violation, and voids most manufacturer warranties.

2. The majority of the homes came equipped with Watts regulators. Unfortunately, those regulators have failed more often then the Wilkins regulators that are also found within the city (on the north side). When Watts regulators fail you will notice a drop in water volume (good water flow that diminishes to a slow trickle). The reverse occurs when Wilkins regulators fail - as the pressure will skyrocket upon failure.

3. The south side of the city is riddled with Bradford White water heaters that "unfortunately" came equipped with a discontinued gas control valve. Many are still covered via the warranty, but time is running out. The north side has a few Rheem water heaters and these have held up a little better. Note: I don't recommend Rheem over Bradford White. Aside from the small batch of failures attributed to the faulty gas valves - Bradford White water heaters are "by far" a better water heater for the investment.

4. We have repaired many of leaks where the water service line was installed into and through the concrete footing (as opposed to the traditional method of rising up on the exterior and entering the home above ground). It is best to revert back to the traditional method as opposed to tampering with the concrete footing.

5. Most of the sewer lines within Eastvale came equipped with a backwater valve. The intent of a backwater valve is to protect your property from a city sewer line back up that may flow into your home. The back water valve acts as a one way passage. In layman terms; the backwater allows sewerage to flow from your house to the city sewer but, it prevents the city sewer from flowing into your home - by way of the back water trap door. We recommend you perform a yearly maintenance on the backwater valve that merely entails removing it and flushing away the build up around it - then reinstalling it back into its place.

6. Eastvale has extremely hard water. Hence, the high rate of fixture failure. We have seen plenty of kitchen, lavatory, tub/shower valves and dishwashers fail due to hard water damage. We highly recommend you look into a water conditioning system. A good water conditioner will clear up your water providing clean, crisp drinking water that won't harm your plumbing system. Without a conditioner you can anticipate your plumbing system to have yearly failures (small leaks over and over)

7. Most of the homes in Eastvale are equipped with PEX piping. For the most part the PEX piping has held up well. What we have seen is leaks caused by hard water and high water pressure.

We see very few failures of PEX piping that is protected by way of a pressure regulator, thermal expansion tank, and water conditioner.

The majority of PEX piping failures have occurred near the water heater where thermal expansion is the worst (due to the water heating process that creates added volume).

8. Many of the homes built within Eastvale came equipped with a water check valve just after the water meter. The intent of having a check valve is to prevent water from flowing back into the city supply once it's crossed into your water system (after the water meter) Check valves help prevent cross contamination (dirty water from flowing back into the city supply). Unfortunately, we have seen some of these check valves fail due to high water pressure and hard water build up. As such, it's best to inspect your check valve for proper operation should you notice any type of water pressure fluctuations (in particular diminished flow).

9. Many of homes within the north and center of Eastvale are equipped with two pressure regulators. One in a yard box serving your sprinkler system and one at the water service entrance to your home. It's important to monitor both of them; as high water pressure can cause all sorts of failures including damage to your sprinkler valves and distribution heads (resulting in high water bills and water waste).

10. Most sprinkler systems are programmed to operate at night, or in the early morning before we wake. I advise you to function check your system to ensure that it is working efficiently without wasting water. It doesn't take much to cause damage to a sprinkle head. The lawnmower or kids playing ball in the yard can easily cause damage to a sprinkler head.

A broken sprinkler head can lose upwards of 15 gallons per minute. It's surely worthy of a regular inspection to prevent such waste.

If you notice water running down the street from your house - it's probably due to a broken sprinkler.

That's the Top 10 plumbing related issues in the beautiful City of Eastvale. All of which can be minimized or avoided entirely by way of a good pressure regulator, thermal expansion tank and water conditioner.

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These people were incredible help. They first walked me through the steps to help me...which didn't work. Then they came out and didn't charge me a penny. They were a Godsend!!!
Darren R., Anthony P.
Great job great plumber !!!
Darren R.
Darren was professional, courteous, and patient (with my kittens). Awesome job Darren, thanks for fixing my problem quickly. Way to go
Darren R.
I have nothing but high respect for this company and the representative Michael and Efrain were both experience technicians. Working with us as we are on a tight budget. The job was was done in a very superior quality. Thank you again. Mrs Davidson

Outstanding job skills and people skills. Very professional and always prompt. He is my forever plumber and will proudly refer to all my families and co Workers. Excellent in this trade and will hire him all the time for plumbing needs in my houses.
Darren R.
We were very happy with Ric's work we also recommended him to our neighbor. Thank You
Rick W.
AAP was punctual and quickly diagnosed our water pressure regulator. They were honest about the cost and explained and tested everything to ensure the issue was fixed

Thank you so much .Michael and Efrain you took the worry away by your professional attude and skill. Thank you for working with us too. This will be our plumbing place. Thank you. GREAT JOB!!!
Michael M.
Very happy with the service provided by AAP. Very professional.
Michael M.
Service was great. Michael provided excellent service.
Michael M.
Michael was very professional and personable. Our experience was great from making the call to having someone out to fix the problem. AAP will always be our plumber.
Michael M.
Our contact with AAP was a positive experience; from our initial call to the technician's departure. Technician Michael Munoz was very professional and personable. His diagnoses of our problem was an honest assessment of possibilities and probabilities. He made some suggestions (which we headed) and replaced an outdated water pressure regulator (which we needed). Michael arrived on time, was well dressed and mannered. He listened to our layman's description of the problem and then undertook the repair of the part that most likely caused the leak. He was a pleasure to do business with. I appreciate the employee who displays the honesty and proper work ethic that the owner would display himself if he had answered the call for service. We now have a plumbing company in our rolodex to go to as long as we live in San Dimas, CA.
Michael M.
We had a low water flow problem in our house. Gabriel was very courteous and professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem (bad water pressure regulator) and explained everything to us, including the cost to repair. He didn't have the parts necessary to make the repair but he returned at the specified time once he retrieved the parts. I was very pleased with the service I received from All American Plumbing and would use them again. I've already put them down in our address book as our go-to plumbing service.
Gabriel S.
Service was great. Darren was great. Will definitely be using AAP in the future.
Darren R.
Service was great! Would recommend!
Stephen J.
Price seemed steep but the work performed and professionalism of AAP was excellent.
Stephen J.
Had Stephan out for an easy fix. He was on time, and fixed our problem right away. Great service.
Stephen J.
Michael was great, everything was great!
Michael M.
Had AAP out for my rental as well as my own home. Everything was great and looked great. These technicians are perfect.
Gabriel S.
My service was excellent. Dan was very professional and honest.
Dan P.
Mike came out and was very informative and professional. Great service.
Michael L.
Michael did a great job.
Michael M.
All American Plumbing has been my go to plumbing company for many needs in the past and my most recent need to replace a hot water heater was made a lot less painful with their fast, reliable and affordable plumbing service with very courteous technicians that show up on time and are very knowledgeable in the trade! You can always depend on them to take care of your plumbing needs! Two thumbs up for AAP.

Received amazing service by Rick. He explained everything and answered all of my questions.
Rick W.
Service performed by Rick was great. He explained everything that needed to be done and did just that.
Rick W.
They took great care of me when I needed a new water heater. Prompt, professional, very reasonable in cost. Tech Michael Munoz did a great job all around. I highly recommend this company!

Great service by Michael! He took care of other issues we had around the house very quickly. We will use them again in the future.
Michael M.
My water heater finally died on me and found it leaking. AAP All American Plumbing came out right away and also discovered water leaked elsewhere where I hadn't yet notice. They gave me a fantastic estimate which was lower than I expected at $1400. They helped me contact a water restoration company who also came out promptly. Michael Munoz of AAP came that same morning and removed the old water heater and placed the new one on the garage floor. Very friendly and highly professional. After I had the drywall etc and insurance claim resolved, I called them and Michael came out promptly the next day and finished the work. Second time we have used them in several years. I will never use anyone else.
Michael M.
Had a mainline stoppage, Michael came out and was very professional and quick to clear out main line. The drains works perfect!
Michael M.
Great service by Michael! He took care of other issues we had around the house very quickly. We will use them again in the future.
Michael M.
We have used AAP for several of our plumbing needs in the past and our most recent need to replace our water heater was made a lot less painful with the extremely fast response, the very well knowledgable Stephan J. was at our house in no time and had our water heater replaced before the water in the pipes had a chance to cool down! Quality, service and excellent prices are why I would recommend AAP to all my family and friends for their plumbing needs. Thank you Stephan and thank you AAP!
Stephen J.
Prompt, professional service…thank you!
Michael M.
I have never had service like this. I came home to water spewing from a pipe from my sprinkler system. My friend recommended AAP so I called. They were here in less than an hour and because it was a fast fix, Anthony charged me NOTHING! That never happens. I guarantee that I will call AAP for my next disaster. Thank you!
Anthony P.
"Mission complete! 100% satisfaction. Love the repipe job, we should have done it sooner!" That was the text I gave to my family members and close friends right after the repipe was done. It only took two days to finish the repipe at my house. Michael L and his team members did a terrific job. Michael responded to a few of my calls around midnight, and he would show up 1st thing in the morning. He kept his promises, he is very detailed, thoughtful and neat. He gave a thorough check up before presenting many options for my wood floor hot water leak. This was the third leak in my house within two years. We knew it was time for us to do the repipe. I am very thankful that I hired All American Plumbing and especially Michael L, the leader of the team. It’s a blessing that the repipe went so smoothly and was done in such a short time. Thank you, All American Plumbing, and thank you, Michael L!

Gabriel was very professional and fixed the issue with my main line in less than an hour! Very Happy.
Gabriel S.
It's nice to find a professional company that is honest and dependable!

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We are a full service company providing 24hr "round the clock" service for all of your plumbing, drain, sewer, and water purification solutions.

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AAP - All American Plumbing, was created to deliver exceptional service. With an intense focus on delivering top notch quality, fast service, at an exceptional rate.

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We can handle any and all Plumbing, Sewer, or Drain issues

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  • Backflow Devices - Preventers - We install, test, and protect devices from theft
  • Basement Waterproofing - We dignose the water intrusion and package the best solution
  • Bathroom Remodeling - from a simple make over to a complete remodel
  • Catch Basins - Preventive Maintenance is the key to avoiding backed up drains
  • Ceiling Leaks - The number one cause for a leak through the ceiling is faulty caulking
  • Circulator Pumps - Hot water on demand. We can install and program an economical solution
  • Clogged Drains in Eastvale, Ca - We are a full service sewer and drain cleaning company
  • Copper Piping - Copper repiping is a specialty of our. Most repipes can be completed in 1 day
  • Drain Cleaning - We offer 24 hr drain cleaning service
  • Electric Water Heaters - We service, repair, and install electric water heaters
  • Excavation - We offer excavation services Monday thru Friday
  • Faucets Leaking - Leaky faucets repaired or replaced
  • Frozen Pipes - We offer pipe thawing services
  • Garbage Disposals - Garbage Disposal repair, replacement, or new installations
  • Grease Traps - We offer grease trap maintenance Monday through Friday
  • Heating Systems - Wall Heaters, Floor Heater, Radiant Heating
  • Hydro Jetting Service - We offer emergency hydro jetting as well as preventive maintenance jetting
  • Jacuzzi Tubs - We repair and install all types of Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Leak Detection - Underground Slab Leaks. Gas Leaks - Fould Odors
  • Low Flow Toilets - We offer an array of low consumption toilets and fixtures
  • PEX Pipe Repairs - Many Eastvale California homes were constructed utilizing PEX piping and we have seen some failures.
  • Pipe Freezing - Need to make a water line repair without shutting down the whole water system?
  • Pipe Location - We can locate and trace underground water, gas and sewer lines
  • Pressure Relief Valves - Temperature and Pressure relief valve safety devices
  • Pumps - We work on al types of pumps. Water Booster Pumps - Sewer Ejector Pumps
  • Roof Drains - Yearly roof drain maintenance service
  • Septic Tanks - Septic Pumping. Septic System replacement and service
  • Sewer Back-ups - Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Pipe repair and replacement
  • Shower Heads - Looking to upgrade your shower head to a full spray massage model?
  • Shower Pans - We replace broken or cracked shower pans
  • Sinks Leaking - We repair leaks coming from all types of sinks
  • Sump Pumps - we repair, replace, and design new sump pump stations
  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters - Looking to updgrade your hot water system to a tankless unit?
  • Toilets Leaking - We repair toilet leaks
  • Trenchless Technology - Sewer pipe rehabilitation services offered
  • Tubs Leaking - We repair leaks coming from your tub.
  • Urinals - Urinal drain cleaning, new urinal installations
  • Video Camera Inspection - We can inspect and record the condition of your sewer or drain lines
  • Hot Water Heaters- We repair and install all types and models
  • Water Pressure Issues - High water pressure and low water pressure solutions
  • Yard Drains - We can clear your blocked yard drains with our array of drain cleaning equipment

We will fix it right the first time!

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