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We offer '24hr Emergency' Water Slab Leak Detection Service in Pomona, California. We utilize the most advanced "leak detection devices" the industry has to offer. Our leak detection specialists have been trained in the most up to date leak detection methods.


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New methods of leak detection and repair have been developed over the past few years; and continue to evolve. AAP-All American Plumbing has trained slab leak detection professionals that use non-invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate the leak and save you money, time and minimize property damage.


Locating a leak is a methodical process that is a combination of skills, training and equipment. To mitigate the invasiveness of the process AAP-All American Plumbing utilizes electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. Those are just a few of the tools at our disposal when locating and repairing leaks.   Therefore allowing us to locate leaks and repair them with minimal disruption.  Often times other plumbers might tell you they need to dig into your slabs to search for the leak, however this is not correct. It is our process not to dig into a slab without positive confirmation of a leak location.



A leak under a foundation or in front of your home is never pleasant. Rest assured that we use "state-of-the-art" equipment and methodology to keep the inconvenience and mess to a minimum - While finding the problem in the most efficient way possible.


In Pomona and throughout Southern California most homes are built on cement slabs which makes it difficult to find the source of the leak. It is critical to have a trained professional with the proper equipment to diagnose the problem and assess an affordable solution.  By locating the problem and fixing it promptly it significantly mitigates the damages to floors, tiles, hard-wood flooring and carpet. We are familiar with the plumbing needs for the residents of Pomona, California and surrounding cities.


A slab leak by definition is when water pipes inside or underneath the concrete structure of a house (also known as a "slab") start leaking. A slab leak occurs when water pipes underneath a house crack or break.


If a slab leak is not repaired or replaced promptly it starts to cause serious damage to a home. One of the significant damages that can happen is when a slab leak starts to cause damage to the structure of a home, through cracked flooring and walls. Considering how badly slab leaks can damage a home they must be first detected and then repaired immediately.



What is a slab leak? A slab leak is an underground water line that has developed a crack or pin hole leak within the pipe.


What causes slab leaks? Most often a slab leak caused by improperly installed piping


What other causes are behind slab leaks?

  • High water pressure can contribute to slab leaks by way of the undue stress "excessive" pressure placec on the water system
  • Thermal Expansion causes many of slab leaks. Slab leaks tend to more often be on the hot water system side caused by the expansion/contraction of the pipes during the heating of water.
  • Hard water and elevated ph levels also contribute to slab leaks. If you have experienced one or more slab leaks installing a water conditioning system may be your cure.
  • Hot soil or contaminated soil can lead to pipe failure.


What are the warning signs of an underground slab leak?


  • High water bills
  • High gas bills
  • Warm floors
  • Musty/Mildew smells
  • Warped wood floors or baseboards
  • The constant sound of running water even with no water fixtures in use
  • The water heater is constantly in heating mode


How can I determine if I have a leak?


  • The simplest way is to mark and record your water meter and allow for 30 minutes or so to pass. If the dial moves and the reading increases YOU HAVE A LEAK
  • Another way to verify a leak exists is by way of shutting off your water and allowing a few minutes to pass. If the water system charges back up when you turn the system back on CHANCES are you have a leak.


Are slab leaks and the resulting water damage covered under my Homeowner Insurance?


It is always best that you refer to your particular insurance policy and written coverage. However, the majority of insurance companies will not cover plumbing. They will cover the resulting water damage on the premise that the leak is a result of a sudden burst or break.


Some insurance carriers will cover the cost associated with locating, accessing and the put back of concrete involved in repairing the actual leak (they won't cover the cost associated with the actual pipe repair).


What is best? A direct repair of the slab leak via the concrete removal and repair, or a above ground pipe re-route?


It is always best to re-route or repipe the water system. If you have had one leak the chances of another leak occurring is high. By eliminating the underground piping you greatly reduce the chances of another flood to your home.


How can I protect my home from having a slab leak or plumbing problems in general?


  • Always maintain your water pressure below 70 psi. A water pressure regulator will ensure that the pressure remains at or below 70 psi. However, pressure regulators due fail as well, as such, you should check or have your water pressure checked at least once a year.
  • Have your water supply tested for high levels of hardness. If you live in an area with hard water you ought to consider the installation of a water conditioning system. Along with protecting your piping system "water conditioners" protect your complete plumbing system inlcluding faucets, fixtures, dishwashers, shower doors, and more...
  • One of the most understood causes behind slab leaks is thermal expansion. Thermal Expansion occurs during the heating cycle of the tank type water heater. As the water heats "it expands" just like a tea kettle builds steam as its cooked: the water in your water heater does the same. The pressure builds up and places undue stress on your water system. The frequent expansion and contraction created during the heating cycle can lead to pipe movement and "ultimately" leaks. Installing a thermal expansion tank or some form of protective device - will eliminate this very misunderstood problem. 

For more information or questions concerning underground water slab leaks give us a call on our toll free number 1-909-758-0280 We are happy to help


By; Anthony Pouliot


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